Our purpose

Our health and our environment are at a tipping point. While chronic disease is on the rise and dramatically affecting people’s quality of life, our food choices continue to be a major driver of global climate change. 

But there is a way to solve our health and climate challenges. We need to change the way millions of people eat and we need to do it fast. This can happen by educating, engaging and empowering people to make healthier, more conscious food choices.

We decided to start in the workplace, where hundreds of millions of people spend nearly one third of their time. HOLISTAL provides digital tools to leaders so they can protect the health of their employees. We believe that when employees feel safe and supported, they will put their blood, sweat and tears into realising their leader’s vision.

By inspiring business leaders to protect the health of those who work for them, we can empower their employees with the confidence to take control of their own health. Our digital platform helps individuals eat healthier, get adequate rest, take a mental break and be physically active.


A dedicated life science incubator programme at KI Innovation’s which supports businesses within life sciences.

Karolinksa Institutet Innovations

The Team

Daniel Zand 

Co-founder, Managing Director 


Shannon Baida

Co-founder,Lead Nutrition Advisor


Aaron Gonzalez

Co-founder, Chief Strategy Officer (CSO)


Our commitment to the SDG  

In 2015, world leaders at the United Nations agreed to 17 goals for a better world by 2030. These goals have the power to end poverty, fight inequality, improve global health and stop climate change. At HOLISTAL we are contributing to the global goals for sustainable development and particularly to:

Goal 3 - Good Health & Well-being 

By helping people adopt a healthier lifestyle that reduces the risk factors that lead to chronic diseases.

Goal 13 - Climate Change

By promoting a dietary lifestyle based on produce that has less impact on our environment.

Goal 8 – Decent Work & Economic Growth

By promoting programs that lead to a culture of wellbeing among companies.

Goal 17 - Partnerships for the goals

By designing one digital platform that has various use cases and that provides value to various stakeholders along different industries.