HOLISTAL how it works video

HOLISTAL, How it works clip

Personal nutrition right in your pocket

Meet Tom. Tom works for Jenny’s company.

Jenny supports Tom’s health with wellness benefits, like fitness trackers and gym memberships. But Tom struggles to eat healthy and this leaves him feeling tired all of the time.

Over time, a poor diet and lifestyle could even lead Tom to being diagnosed with a chronic condition.

If Tom starts missing work, this can have a negative impact for the company.

In addition to a healthy lifestyle, a healthy diet has been proven to not only help manage chronic conditions, but also prevent them.

Tom needs empowerment & confidence.

The HOLISTAL App, developed with health professionals, is designed to target the habit changes that are most relevant to the individual, like Tom.

Plus, management gets to see really cool stats that help them better understand and protect their employees health. Leading to healthier, happier Tom.

HOLISTAL making the world healthier, one business at a time.

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