Digital Empowerment

For Your Wellness Strategy.

Our digital platform is here to support your long term wellness strategy. Allowing your organisation to allocate resources where they will have the most impact.

** Available in English and in Swedish. Other languages available upon request.

We encourage self-care

Individuals need to actively be involved in managing their health, rather than passive recipients of care. Our lifestyle and dietary programs are personalised to helps individuals eat healthier, get adequate rest, 

take a mental break and be physically active.

Proactively motivate people to keep going

Most of our competitors' services fail to engage individuals, partly because their services are not proactive. We are building an algorithm that helps us identify patterns, telling us when to reach out to users and ensuring they remain engaged and supported.

Workplace Wellness Dashboard from Holistal

We adapt to the needs & goals

of your organisation

HOLISTAL has been designed not only to support the individual but also the organisation. Our service provides reports and insights helping you to make decisions that will best serve the community wellbeing of your workplace. 

We are always evolving

As the fields of tech and health are constantly evolving, we need to adapt fast. We value customer feedback and look forward to improving for you.