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A Healthier & 

Happier Workplace.

 A long term wellness strategy is an important tool for employee health, performance & retention.

Several studies suggest that individuals that take care of themselves are more engaged at work.

More Productive

Up to 20% more productive and sales people generating 37% more sales according to Forbes. Healthy people have more energy .


Happy employees take more risk and are more likely to show entrepreneurial traits. Happiness at work is co-related with creativity.

Less Likely to Quit

Happy employees are more also resilient and according to Gallup, are more likely to stay with their employers for the long term. 

How do we do it?

By empowering employees to eat healthier, be more active, get adequate sleep and cope with stress better.

To achieve the best outcome we work with Strategy, Technology and Coaching sessions.

 1. Strategy

Define your vision, strategy and goals for your wellness programs as well as your KPI´s over one workshop or several of them depending on your needs.


HOLISTAL, a digital platform for nudging employees into healthy behaviour. Consisting of a mobile application for employees and a web dashboard for monitoring performance.


On demand health & wellness lectures covering various topics that are of interest to your organisation; from stress to nutrition to sleep. 


Advisory Board.

We are part of Karolinska Institutet Innovations AB Incubator DRIVE. 

Our advisory board consist of professionals within the fields of preventive health, nutrition & psychology which are key fields that impact employees engagement and wellbeing.

Karolinksa Institutet Innovations

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