Healthy female employee running

Nutrition as the first line 

of defence

Poor eating and lifestyle habits causes serious medical conditions that companies spend millions in financial resources managing each year. Employees absenteeism, long term sick-leave and poor energy levels represent productivity losses and human resources re-allocation cost.

Investing in keeping employees healthy, makes up for a strong leadership case, that will result in higher employee engagement and loyalty for their employer. For Corporate Wellness Programs to be holistic they need to consider the role of nutrition in our health.


HOLISTAL is a digital health platform. Our platform is designed to capture your employee health goals and improve their nutrition and lifestyle habits. We do this by connecting them with programs, hundreds of recipes, and powerful motivational reminders. Furthermore we personalise their experience based on a variety of data inputs. We use their goals prioritisation, their eating habits, dietary preferences and other lifestyle parameters. HOLISTAL is a mobile health companion, helping you make healthier habits.

It´s Holistic

We look into how nutrition can support other areas of your life, for example; Energy, Sleep, Physical Activity and Mood.

It´s Sustainable

We empower you to make sustainable and conscious food choices, thus having an impact on your well-being and on our climate. We encourage an increase in plant based meals.

It´s for everyone

When it comes to wellness programs, you have to cast a wide net in order to inspire participation in everyone. For that reason we have programs for the different goals your employees have: 


·       Boost energy  

·       Lose some pounds

·       Improve mood

·       Strengthen my immune system

·       And more..