Holistal workplace wellness and nutrition platform


Make your Employees thrive 

by Protecting their Health

Your Workforce Energy and Health is what Grows your Business.


Empower nutrition into

your wellness program

HOLISTAL digital solutions are designed to strengthen your current wellness efforts by focusing on Nutrition, an often overlooked component.​ We do this by smoothly integrating our solutions into your benefit programs. We then match customised programs and online health coaches with your employees to improve their dietary and lifestyle habits.

Workplace Wellness Dashboard from Holistal

Follow  progress 

IMPROVE prevention with simple lifestyle habits 

SAVE resources managing medical conditions

MONITOR healthy habits 

REWARD participation 

ENGAGE employees proactively

REDUCE the risk for chronic conditions

Solutions that drive 

healthy actions

HOLISTAL is a mobile platform designed to capture and improve your employees lifestyle & nutrition habits. As an added service we also provide coaching, group sessions and on-site drop-in to companies that want to take their wellbeing programs to the next level.

Goal Oriented

Choose health goals and get customised programs based on science.​


Let your competitive side compete against yourself.


Hundreds of healthy and delicious recipes for your lifestyle and goals.

Incentives & Benefits

Reward participation and health achievements.​​

On-site drop-in

Schedule on-site sessions for your employees to get that extra support.

Group Sessions

Ignite your team with dynamic group workshops or webinars.

What impact can 

we have on your business?

Poor eating and lifestyle habits lead to serious health conditions that companies spend money and resources managing each year. HOLISTAL empowers your employees to take control of their eating habits, reducing your health management cost and increasing their engagement, health and energy. Making you a more attractive employer!

Impact of corporate wellness programs on business

Backed by Science

Healthy woman is reaching her life goals

Healthy eating 

supports life goals

A study shows that having a life goal of exercising regularly was significantly associated with healthy eating goals, which suggest cross-goal facilitation.

healthy korean kimchi in a bowl

Prevent chronic


Several studies show that healthy food habits can help prevent and manage a vast number chronic illness such as cardiovascular diseases, type 2 diabetes and even memory loss

healthy foods protect from stress

Protects from


A study shows that eating high-quality foods that contain lots of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants nourishes the brain and protects it from oxidative stress. 

  Ready to get started?

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