We Make Self-Care Happen.

Our digital platform helps individuals eat healthier, get adequate rest, 

take a mental break and be physically active.

HOLISTAL is changing


One of the biggest problems in healthcare today is that people donĀ“t participate in taking control of their own health. We've come to expect that our health issues will quickly disappear with medication, but unfortunately this is not the case for chronic conditions. Our digital platform & mHealth solutions encourage people to take a holistic approach to health.


Of disease management is in the hands of the individual and their families.


Higher cost of annual care for patients with chronic conditions.


Trillion USD is the global economic burden of chronic diseases.

Our Platform

Self-care + Proactive coaching = A holistic approach

HOLISTAL is the first preventive health digital platform with built-in proactive coaching. It has various self-care programs that help individuals eat healthier, get adequate rest, take a mental break and be physically active.

At HOLISTAL we rely on more than just technology to change peoples habits. We are developing HOLI, our smart algorithm that will soon help us identify when a recurring and damaging lifestyle habit is detected.

The combination of tech and human interaction allows HOLISTAL to provide a unique, scalable and efficient experience. 

Partner with HOLISTAL

HOLISTAL creates value for multiple actors across various industries 

where the cost of management chronic conditions has a direct impact on business.

Workplace Wellness

Learn how we are helping employees eat more vegetables, fruits and whole grains. Leading to lower inflammation and higher energy in the workplace.

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Partner with us to improve your patients adherence to a healthy lifestyle once they leave your hospital or clinic. 

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Your medicine + Digital therapeutics = a holistic approach with improved patient outcomes. Learn how we can help your patients better manage their conditions.

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Insurance companies

Partner with us to support your customers' health through the use of HOLISTAL. Leading to reduced healthcare costs for managing chronic conditions.

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A member of DRIVE

HOLISTAL is part of the Karolinska Institutet Innovation Incubator program for life sciences.

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